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Name:Mr. GESA FALUGON [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Address:Jalan Anggrek Raya, No 186. Belakang Pasar Baru Depok Jaya. Depok
Depok, Jawa Barat
Kami Merupakan Distributor Mesin Usaha Kecil dan Menegah Harga yang Kami Tawarkan PASTI LEBIH MURAH
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Registration Date:Dec. 07, 2012
Last Updated:Oct. 13, 2013
Business Nature:Trade of Food & Beverage category

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RAMESIA MACHINERY is a distributor and direct importer of quality SME machines like Ice Cream Machines, Juice Dispensers, Cup Sealer, Gas Deep Fryer, bread mixer, oven machine, and others. The company' s vision is Increasing the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia with a Consultant and Distributor Bread Machines and Machine SMEs reliable. Vision illustrates a desire to contribute Ramesia Machinery in Indonesia memandirikan by providing quality products and good service to people who want to start small and medium enterprises. Our company was established in early 2010. We strive to be present in Indonesia to facilitate the entrepreneurs who want to open a business that is still small and medium enterprises, who want growth.

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